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SUJUites ★ ;;;;

Welcome to SUJUites --- a Super Junior Exclusive Graphics Community.

Created for sharing Super Junior graphics ranging from icons to manipulations. SUJUites would like to welcome any and all graphic designers to come and share their art with other Super Junior fans. Posting access is open to anyone who joins the community and all entries remain open to the public.


→ Be respectful to the moderators, the members, and the artists of the community. NO BASHING anyone for any reason. If you think some one’s icons suck – keep you mouth shut about it. If there is a problem between members then please bring it to a mod's attention and we'll handle the situation accordingly.

→ Credit any of the icons that you use when the artist requires it. It’s considered stealing if you don’t credit.

→ Comments are lovely but not necessarily required. But remember, if you’re going to be using some one else’s creation – it’s nice to let them know.

→ When posting icons, do not friends-lock them. Also, when linking to your own graphics journal – make sure that the post you’re linking to is also unlocked. There’s no point linking to it if a majority of users are unable to view the icons.

→ Do NOT cross-post your icons to every other possible Super Junior community out there. Keep graphics in here or other graphics communities, not to the fan fiction communities and the main Super Junior community. This is more common sense than a rule.

→ Do not steal and/or redistribute icons that other artists have made. It's both unethical and just flat out rude. If the mods find out about it, you will be banned from the community.

→ Please be sure to follow all the rules. Failure to do so may lead to you being banned.


choisiwon (AIM; olyababy )

If you have any questions/concerns about the community, contact on the mods. We’re more than happy to help out!


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